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Estate Planning: Get the details right!

Whilst it is good and proper that we should enjoy life and make the most of every opportunity that life presents us with, it is also a fact of life that the mortality rate for all of us is still at 100%. Getting your affairs in order before you die, or otherwise referred to as […]

Personal Retirement Strategies – 2

We continue our discussion around key questions that retirees should be asking themselves and what strategies they should be adopting. How can I potentially grow my assets during retirement? Retirees must continue to view themselves as long term investors. Retirement now is likely to last far longer than pre-ceding generations. This means that a significant […]

Personal Retirement Strategies – Part 1

Historical retirement planning meant only one thing; saving and investing every last cent and then living off this nest egg and hoping that you passed on before the capital was exhausted. Potential retirees in the 21st century require a more thoughtful and innovative approach that’s personally tailored to their circumstances; aligning spending expectations with sources […]

Making Your Financial New Year’s Resolutions Stick

A new year inevitably arrives full of hope and promise, and so it should! There are well intentioned resolutions that lead to a promise of better things to come. Whether it’s to lose weight, achieve a certain level of fitness, or reduce debt, it’s always a long ask for most people. Many resolutions hardly make […]

The Money Mistakes We Make

As we venture through life, whether we like it or not we need to deal with money and the consequences of our financial decisions. Each stage of life has unique challenges of its own and researchers have found commonality in the issues faced. 20’s: Playing it too safe: We are young with the rest of […]

Times They Are a Changing

Bob Dylan penned his classic hit song “Times They Are a Changing” in 1963, one year after South Africa’s current Income Tax Act was first passed as legislation. Since then, through the annual budget regulatory taxation laws process, this act has been amended and changed over the last 53 years. Bob Dylan’s song has stood […]

The Future of Financial Advice

Virtually every industry, service and profession has been disrupted to some extent by the rapid transformation that technological progress has made to our lives. This technological advancement has at best, made some aspects of some industries redundant and at worst, made whole industries or services obsolete and left to drift into extinction. A classic example […]