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The Inheritance Discussion

Many parents fret over exactly when and how to have the “inheritance discussion” with their children. For more and more parents this talk may be brief and along the lines of “there is not going to be any inheritance”! People are generally living longer, and very few of them have provided adequately for a longer […]

R.I.P. – Retirement Plans

Are we seeing the demise of the concept of retirement for most people? With longevity on the increase in most countries, saving enough for an increasingly lengthy anticipated retirement will become more of a distant dream. That does not mean that people must abandon investment strategies and just give up! The converse is true in […]

Personal Retirement Strategies – Part 2

We continue our discussion around key questions that retirees should be asking themselves and what strategies they should be adopting. 1. How can I potentially grow my assets during retirement? Retirees in this day and age need to view themselves as long term investors. Retirement now is likely to last far longer than pre-ceding generations. This […]

Personal Retirement Strategies – Part 1

Historical retirement planning meant only one thing; saving and investing every last cent and then living off this nest egg and hoping that you passed on before the capital was exhausted. Potential retirees in the 21st century require a more thoughtful approach that’s personally tailored to their circumstances; aligning spending expectations with sources of income, […]