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2016 Tax Bills become Law

After a prolonged period of consultation, negotiation and discussion, the taxation laws amendment bill has been signed by the President and become the law of the land. The most pertinent issues contained in these bills have been changes to the tax law affecting interest free loans to trusts, as well as the legislation required to […]

The Money Mistakes We Make

As we venture through life, whether we like it or not we need to deal with money and the consequences of our financial decisions. Each stage of life has unique challenges of its own and researchers have found commonality in the issues faced. 20’s: Playing it too safe: We are young with the rest of […]

There is no such thing as free financial advice

A recent study in America, of 10,000 households that utilized the services of a Financial Advisor, showed that 51% of people interviewed, did not know the cost of the financial service being rendered. Better still, they thought that they were getting their financial advice for free. This is an astounding statistic, and is also probably […]

Want to invest in a legal Tax Haven?

The recent Panama Papers disclosures, together with a worldwide crack down by authorities on investments in so called “Tax Haven” jurisdictions, has become extremely newsworthy reading. This factor is then matched together with a low growth investment environment, and governments, in the vain attempt to increase revenues, placing a more and more onerous tax regime […]

Reinvent Retirement

The traditional retirement strategy of working till 60 or 65 and then working on reducing your handicap and/or tending to the garden is fast disappearing. There are numerous reasons for this change in behavior of the Baby Boomer generation. They are going to be living longer than previous generations and they are far healthier than […]

Offshore Amnesty Version 3: Last Chance Saloon

The first offshore Exchange Control (Excon) and Income Tax amnesty appeared in 2003, a second similar amnesty followed in 2010. In his 2016 Budget Speech, the Minister of Finance announced another Excon and Tax amnesty for errant South African taxpayers. Before we look at some of the salient features of the current amnesty, it is […]