Tony has joined forced with TomorrowToday to create the TomorrowToday Foundation. This foundation is committed to make a difference in the lives of people less fortunate and concentrates mainly in the area of educational support and assistance.

Contributions to the foundations qualify donors for a tax break in South Africa. Contact Tony for more information.

Springlights: Switch to Savings. We have a responsibility to look after the earth and the environment. By switching to energy saving LED light bulbs one can achieve a number of objectives;

· Saving on your ever increasing electricity bill
· Obtaining a far better quality of light from the bulb
· Longer lasting light bulbs

Springlights specialize in energy saving light bulbs, make a visit to the shop and see the difference for yourself. It will be time well spent.

Thorough and comprehensive business news update, together with stock market reports and data.

Another very good international  business news site with video clip highlights.

Up to date South African business news

Challenging web site inspiring people to give more, risk more and inspire more!

Just how rich are in comparison to the rest the people in the world. Take the test and find out!

Tony’s favourite wine estate by a country mile.

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