Budget 2017: A Tale of Lions and Buffalo’s

During the introductory remarks of his 2017 Budget Speech, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan highlighted the African proverb, “If lions work as a team, they will bring down even the buffalo”. The speech and the tax proposal recommendations that followed were a combination of high profile announcements, but between the lines were many stealth like tactical […]

Personal Retirement Strategies – 2

We continue our discussion around key questions that retirees should be asking themselves and what strategies they should be adopting. How can I potentially grow my assets during retirement? Retirees must continue to view themselves as long term investors. Retirement now is likely to last far longer than pre-ceding generations. This means that a significant […]

Budget Predictions for the 22nd

On the 22nd February 2017, Pravin Gordhan will be presenting his 2nd budget in his 2nd stint as Finance Minister. Time will tell as to whether it will his swansong budget speech, hopefully recent reports of renewed shenanigans within the government come to naught. It is no secret that to appease the rating agencies, who […]

Personal Retirement Strategies – Part 1

Historical retirement planning meant only one thing; saving and investing every last cent and then living off this nest egg and hoping that you passed on before the capital was exhausted. Potential retirees in the 21st century require a more thoughtful and innovative approach that’s personally tailored to their circumstances; aligning spending expectations with sources […]

Making Your Financial New Year’s Resolutions Stick

A new year inevitably arrives full of hope and promise, and so it should! There are well intentioned resolutions that lead to a promise of better things to come. Whether it’s to lose weight, achieve a certain level of fitness, or reduce debt, it’s always a long ask for most people. Many resolutions hardly make […]

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