thCADHM8V7We all live in extraordinary times. Wealth has been created in virtually every corner of the globe, but needs also abound at every turn. Those who have achieved extraordinary wealth have done so by confronting problems and crafting solutions. However, with many there still exists a burning desire to make a difference and do something.

Tony Barrett also confronted this dilemma and has crafted a solution – An Holistic Philanthropic Service for Southern Africa – he is determined to use his skill set and expertise to advise and practically assist people and organisations who have philanthropic aspirations with the Africa as a destination. This would include South African citizens, corporates and PBO’s as well as foreign donor organisations and individuals who wish to operate in South Africa.

In the old era of passive bequests, the drawing up of a will was often the only requirement, and a law firm normally sufficed. The modern day philanthropist wishes to create a living legacy over which they can contribute during their lifetime. To the high net worth individual creating a Charitable Foundation/Trust structure gives tax structuring opportunities that can result in significant savings of income tax, CGT, estate duty and/or donations tax.

Tony offers an A – Z charitable giving service that covers the full ambit of trust, tax, legal, investment, financial and regulatory advice needed to set up, maintain and manage such structures.

For further information contact Tony.

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